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"The Glass Is Always Full"       

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So Says Corey Consulting Services is a Personal and Professional Development Company 

Our CORE Values Dictate Our Actions

"If I am to serve, let me do it well"

 1st Year Boot Camp Sales Development

  The John Maxwell Team: Authorized Leadership Skills Training

 Through the Doctrines of John C. Maxwell Ph.D. and his Published Works.

Get to Know Me

The Glass is Always Full exemplifies the Essence of Leadership. 

True Leaders live their life with a Full Glass...All In

This is accomplished by a continued flow of expert advice put to work. 

A full immersion of forward thought.

About the Founder...

At the age of 31, The Founder and Head Coach; 

Corey D. Robbins

survived a near-fatal neck surgery. 

Corey's neurologist noted in her report that the fatality rate was well over 90% and he was very lucky to have survived.                      

As a result of the (first) surgery, he lost his voice, his ability to swallow, and as if that's not bad enough, his surgeon severed an

artery and Corey stroked which caused severe disability in the use of his right hand...needless to say this event forever changed his life. 

Over the next several years Corey was able to build some strength and was gaining back some of the 75lbs he'd lost.

His speech and cognitive ability were suffering badly. 

In 2000 Corey was living in Greenville, NC., where he heard of a speech pathology clinic at ECU. After checking with the University about his condition he was made a class project for several young aspiring speech pathology majors! The tools these students taught helped his speech but more importantly his cognitive rehabilitation.

Mr. Robbin's journey is unique in how he overcame these events and returned to building his life. 

He shares the wisdom of his personal journey from near-death to abundance.

I encourage all seekers of wisdom to reach out to this company. 

It will change and grow your life

Discover your true self

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